Thing that make me happy #2


Taking a break from the tedious trials of writing my dissertation proposal, my like minded friends invited me to grab some munch, of course I said yes. Not one to turn down food. Ever.

We set off to Kings Heath in the gorgeous weather, which makes me completely unmotivated to do anything but sit in a beer garden and neck down several pints of cider and black (LADS LADS LADS.) I parked my whip and we strolled down to my new favourite joint in this City, The Sun at the Station.

The decor was dark and moody yet the sun shone right through the cool, edgy atmosphere and brightened the whole place up. They rocked a purple and silver theme and in the midst of it all stood the holy grail, the bar.

Eager to get some grub down us the 2 for 1 burger meal stole the gaze of my eyes and I was immediately seduced by the BBQ pulled pork burger. We sat down outside and basked in the sun in a cute, very secluded beer garden, although it was lacking some summer tunes outside it was the perfect place to chill with my pals. There were also pub classics like chicken tikka, fish and chips and a range of other burgers on the menu but ya’know when you get your calling in life? This was mine.

After a surprisingly short wait our burgers godly masterpieces were served to us by the welcoming staff. OH MY SWEET LORD. This is some ‘next level’ burger game. Man vs Food style pulled pork was generously lying on a juicy beef burger with some crunchy slaw on top. I can’t explain how good this place is. I bit into that burger and came out a new, happier and heavier person. The chunky chips were on point too, the whole thing made me feel emotions I’d never felt before. Served on a bread board as well, not even a plate, ermmmm coolest ever? I think so.

I can’t recommend this place enough, get yourselves down you’re in for a treat I’ll tell you that!
This time, Sun on the Station won. (Well I did coz I ate it all but they did a good job)

Here’s a picture of our spare burger, I’d already eaten mine.

Peace x



Things that make me happy #1


Welcome to the first edition of my new blog, congratulations on having impeccable taste. This series of blog posts are about stuff I see on my travels/when I’m cocooned in bed that make me smile and make me smug and happy that I’m me and not you. (Unless Beyoncé is reading this because surprisingly I’d quite like to be her…)

Firstly, today in good old Yaaaaaaark (that’s York in in a Yorkshire accent according to southerners) (how much do I love brackets by the way) there was a protest that went past my house, with a brass band and this is where this blog starts to make sense. That made me happy.

I thoroughly enjoy that a group of like minded people can be so passionate about something that they take the time out of their lives to make their voices heard. YOU GO GLEN COCO. I felt like I should join them but 1. I’m lazy and 2. I don’t actually get what they were protesting about, besides the point though. I was mainly focused on the brass band sending out some grooves to the people of York, they looked so happy and it made the old lady’s at the bus stop smile and I am ALL for that.

Short and sweet but this was a little taster of things to come, m’off out now.

Peace x

Daleys gay and some coming out tips.


So what? Why do we still make such a huge deal out of someone famous coming out of the closet? This is exactly the reason a lot of people don’t want to come out of the closet, because they don’t want a huge fuss or to have people know their private lives. The bigger deal we make out of someone being gay, the more homosexuality is going to be a thing. We do not need to shout from the rooftops with a rainbow flag singing lady gaga songs, just be quiet.

I get that it will inspire more people to come out, kind of? But I’m sure Tom Daley didn’t really want all this commotion in the ocean about whether he likes the D or not. WHO CARES IF HE DOES? I literally don’t understand why people care whether they support him or not. That sounds like a contradiction I know because I’ve wrote a blog post about it, however this isn’t about Tom Daley it’s more about my annoyance with a world of people that care more about someone’s sexuality than whether they’re actually ok and happy. I bet no ones asked him if he’s alright yano.

Here are some ways to come out if you haven’t already.

Do what I did, have a panic attack and cry til you nearly vom and just slur the words out.

Write a letter, run, and then realise that it was a waste if time and come back.

Announce it over a family meal with your grandparents there whilst wearing glittery gimp-wear, subtlety is key.

Bake a cake and write “guess who’s gay?” On it and just hope they don’t think your gran’s made it.

“Hi I’m gay.”


If you have an amazing big sister like me or anyone you know in your fam that you fully trust, tell them first and you will feel better about it.

Tie a note to your pet that says “The camp human is a bender, surprise.”

Just be as dyke/camp as possible and maybe people will just guess.

Always remember that if someone has an issue with it, they are a peasant, you are the queen and you ain’t bout dat ‘phobic life. Remove them from your world and carry on being sassy.

Rant over.
Peace x

7 easy steps to the best weekend ever.


Are you prepared for a muddy, sweaty, alcohol fuelled weekend? It’s going to be the messiest, most ridiculous weekend of your life. You are to be sent into a parallel world full of un-washed hippies and heart crunching bass lines, constantly pumped through your system from all directions. You’ll forget the outside world exists for 4 days and be catapulted into a state of horrific depression once you leave as you realise it’s no longer acceptable to brush your teeth with a can of Strongbow every morning. Alas, this sounds like a bundle of fun, but when it comes down to it, it’s survival of the fittest. I have compiled an easy step-by-step guide to see you through to that grim Monday morning.

Step One – Forget your Inhibitions

Before heading out to the big open fields, you need to leave behind your make-up, hair gel and other comforting things to make you look beautiful, because trust me, you will not look beautiful. After merely an hour of parading and exploring the sites, you will have a sudden realisation that these hot chicks actually look like they have been living rough since birth.

Step Two – Do it Cheap

If you are planning on splashing out on a cheeky bottle of Grey Goose think again you flashy people, this is the worst thing you can do. Guaranteed it will get robbed from your tent by those ‘sound’ guys you put your trust in after being camped next to them for an hour at the most, don’t worry about them though, you just crack on with your cheap and nasty cider.

Step Three – Don’t buy an industrial hand truck

So you’ve bought more crates of beer than Tesco has ever stocked in its’ life, but how are you going to lug it across the muddy, never ending stretch of swamp to your tent? Well, speaking from experience DO NOT invest in an industrial hand truck unless you been a previous competitor in the World’s Strongest Man, it is hard.

Step Four – Sanitise everything

Meet Hand Sanitiser, your new best friend for the weekend. As off putting as the portaloo’s are you are going to have to suck it up and let it out in there eventually, the sanitiser they provide will vanish within ten minutes of the gates opening, take your own and continue living in the illusion that you are a cleanly, well-kept human.

Step Five – Be a ‘yes person’

Going with an image in your mind that you are just going to see your favourite bands rock out your favourite anthems leaves you in a very vulnerable position, there is so much more to discover. Someone somewhere will pitch the idea of going to  see ‘the un-fair ground’ or ‘dangerous Dan on his back flipping motorbike,’ and as stubborn as you think you are, you need to say yes or you will live a life of regret and torment from your peers who saw the best spectacle of their lives.

Step Six – Don’t pretend you are going to shower

We’ve all been under that ‘first festival influence’ that we will have a shower every day, quit while you’re ahead, you’re not. You will end up bringing with you a towel and a bag full of delicious smelling soaps that will most probably end up thrown in the mud by Saturday morning. There is simply no time to keep on top of your hygiene.

Step Seven – Have the best time of your life

Follow these steps and you’re half way there, the rest is up to you. A festival is what you make of it, you can be the lonely camper sitting round the fire all weekend or you can actually throw yourself into the mud and cherish every mad moment you have with amazing friends and amazing music. Live for the moment.

“You’re so tall.”


This is something that I’ve wanted to write about for a while and I feel like I should be the voice of he tall girl sisterhood. So the average height of a girl today is around 5’7″/5’8″, the height I was when I was probably about 4 years old, seriously. But what makes me angry is that we live in a world of averages, still. It is 2013, us lesbicans and gays can marry each other freely, yet we still look at people who are a bit different as if they are some freaky mess.

All my life I have had people stare at me for how tall I am in comparison to my “average” sized friends, I can constantly feel people looking at me wherever I go. People may not know this but EVERY single time I stand up from my seat in a public place I have a little panic because I know somewhere someone will mutter “oh my god she’s well tall,” YES IM SURE YOUR FRIEND CAN SEE THAT I AM ABOUT TO HIT MY HEAD ON THE CEILING YOU DON’T NEED TO POINT IT OUT THANKYOU.

But why is it that people feel the need to mention it to me? Every single time I go on a night out I get at least three people come up to me saying “you’re tall,” as if I had never realised. Honestly, I’m 20 years old and until you spilled half your drink over me and slurred that in my face I was totally in the dark about it, but thank god you told me. It’s now at the point where I have nothing to say to them. What do I say? How do you humour someone telling you a fact about yourself every single day? It’s so boring. What really annoys me is people often say “you’re so lucky I wish I was your height,” you are a liar, please stop harassing me. I would never dream about going upto a fat person and going “you’re really fat,” ITS THE SAME THING GUYS.

Anyway, I have compiled a list of comebacks for my fellow tall beans, together we will make a stand against these ignorant creatures.

“You’re tall.”

“You must find it really hard finding a boyfriend.”
“Well considering I’m a dyke no, not really.”

“You should play netball.”
“You should stop talking to me because you’re irritating.”

“How did you get so tall?”
“Erm my mum put me in a grow bag, obviously.”

“Are your parents tall?”
“No I come from a family of leprechauns and I got disowned coz of my height.”

“What’s the weather like up there?”
“*spits on their head* it’s just started raining”

“How tall are you?”
“What? Can’t hear you.”

“You’ve got long legs.”
“So does a daddy long legs what’s your point.”

Live LONG and live good tall gals.
Peace x

‘Carry Me’ Review



I’m surprised I didn’t do this sooner but… my favourite boys are back, it’s not been too long either. Reason 1920380 to LOVE this band, they churn out anthem after anthem at a great pace.

This track reminds me of a much darker, twisted Shuffle, which was released in 2012. It’s crafted in such a way that it sounds chaotic, yet controlled and indisputably catchy. Each time we hear new stuff from BBC the sound is different yet Jack Steadman’s voice is consistent throughout, his velvety, charming voice. They are an unbelievably innovative in everything they do. The only downside to this track is that it’s not f*cking long enough.

The new album is set to be released in early 2014, Steadman revealed it is heavily influenced by Indian music, something sure to set this record in a whole new dimension in comparison to ‘I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose,’ ‘Flaws,’ and ‘A Different Kind Of Fix.’

We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off – Ella Eyre


I’ve always, always always had a thing for female vocals, especially something oozing soul, like this beauty.

Ella Eyre, who came onto the scene by her work with Rudimental. At 19 years old she is clearly set for a huge career, not only can we tell this from this track but this chick’s worked with some big names already such as Wiz Khalifa, Naughty Boy and Bastille.

An unusual choice of song to cover, it was to say the least concerning me when I saw the title, sealing the ‘shall i listen deal’ though. Her voice carries the piano so, so gracefully. Eyre has a voice that effortlessly shows an emotion, that ‘spine tingling’ emotion we get when we listen to the greats such as Winehouse or Fitzgerald. It’s suffocating. It’s actually quite frustrating, how is this such a simple track yet it’s empowering to the point of almost tears, yes I almost cried. Why can’t every artist do this?

Well in Ella!